BEAST FEaST: Thursday 30 April Highlights

BEAST FEaST is very nearly upon us and with only a few days to go until the festival we thought we would share a few posts about some of the performances to whet your appetite!

First up, our opening concert on Thursday 30 April takes place in the beautiful Dome Room which houses the 32 channel BEASTdome.

Featuring in this concert is Iain Armstrong, a local sound artist and composer who is no stranger to BEAST. Over the last few weeks he has been resident in the Electroacoustic Music Studios producing a bespoke 20-channel version of his beautiful piece Annapurna Pastoral – One Hundred SpringsThe piece is a meditation on the Himalayan soundscapes of Annapurna. The work, a loose narrative of a pilgrimage to Muktinath (also known as Chumig Gyatsa the site of ‘One Hundred Springs’), tries to capture the peaceful, pastoral nature of these remote locations while referencing the deep-rooted spiritualism that the Himalaya inspire. A sample of the work can be heard on Iain’s website.

Also performing on Thursday is Julian Rohrhuber together with the BEER-Ensemble (Birmingham Ensemble or Electroacoustic Research). Julian is professor for music informatics and media theory at the Robert Schumann Academy in Düsseldorf. His research includes the philosophy of science, media theory, and algorithmic acoustics.

Julian performs his network music piece Word Music, in which  the ensemble uses a stenographic sound programming language to think aloud, in words that mean programs, and letters that shift meanings. Each letter incorporates a generic spectral decomposition whose partials occupy spatial and timbral non-places. Each word may cause sonic slap stick.

See the BEAST FEaST website for more information about the schedule for the weekend.